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Bike of the Year: Supercross

Filed under Golden Crank Awards on December 14, 2017 | Comment(s)

2017 Bike of the Year: Supercross

It wasn't the first time they've been voted Bike of the Year by the members of USA BMX and BMX Canada, and it's surely not the last. But this one meant a lot to Supercross owner Bill Ryan, who unfortunately could not be in Tulsa this year to accept the glistening gold award himself.

Accepting on behalf of Bill - her boss, was Melissa Hammonds and many of the team Supercross riders who have helped build up the mighty reputation of Supercross, and help make it a better product. 

In 2017, it became a familiar sight to see a carbon Supercross frame winning a national main - from Intermediates to top Experts, and even in the toughest class of them all - AA pro! Thanks to pro athletes like Anthony Dean (winner in Phoenix and Louisville) and 2-time Olympic gold medalist Maris Strombergs (winner in Texas), as well as impressive team finishes by FullTilt Racing and Factory Supercross themselves, the carbon Supercross ENVY-BLK won its fair share of race this year.
And boy - with those colors and graphics, do they ever look GOOD crossing the finishline! 

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