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    Time to get your membership renewed?  This page will get your membership up to date and keep the latest issue of PULL magazine coming in the mail!

    Want to become a member? New members sign up at the local track so they can meet the staff and learn the process. Find a track close to you.


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    USA BMX and BMX Canada were formed to provide organized racing and give national prominence to the sport of BMX. The staff of each track is committed to operating under the Sanctions guidelines to ensure those goals. It is, however, the riders and his/her parent’s responsibility to understand and follow racing

    With these ideals in mind, the only requirements needed to excel are skill and determination.

  • Meet The Pros

    Get a good look at the superstars of BMX with photos of the top professionals in our sport. How will you find Maris Strombergs to ask for that autograph, if you don’t know what the gold medalist looks like?

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  • The Xchange

    So, you’ve saved up cards and cards of Saver Stamps to buy that new uniform or set of pedals. Where can you go to spend those Saver Stamps in YOUR town?  The Xchange will help you find the Saver Stamp Redemption Centers near you.

  • New Riders Video and Manual


    This special edition of PULL magazine is USA BMX / BMX Canada's New Rider Manual; which provides a step-by-step instructions for new BMX riders, teaching them everything they need to know on how to start racing BMX.

  • 20K Points Club

    Not just content to be the top rider in their district, these riders wanted to be a member of the exclusive “20,000 Points Club”. With an Expert win being worth 100 district points, these kids not only raced a ton of races – they performed at those races as well. Work hard and you can earn a spot in the 20K PointsClub and the custom jacket that goes along with it!

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