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Gold Cup Finals NE - Akron OH

Filed under General on September 17, 2018 | Comment(s)

words/pics by James Pennucci
Akron BMX Track, nestled up against the Akron Fulton International Airport, was the
host track for the 2018 DK Northeast Gold Cup Finals. If having the Goodyear Airdock in the
track’s backyard wasn’t cool enough, there is an official Soapbox Derby track located high up in
the same park. On Saturday night the World-Famous Derby Downs Soap Box Derby Track
welcomed the Gold Cup contenders to try out a different kind of race track for a small fee.
Adults and children tried their hand at navigating the cars down the almost 1000’ three lane
race track for fun.
Akron BMX Track, a multi-year USA BMX Top Ten Track winner, lived up to its ranking
and was in perfect condition to host the event. With blue skies and temperatures in the mid to
high eighties, it was set to be a perfect racing weekend. The well-kept V-shaped track was skim
coated and had patriotic Red, White and Blue lines painted on each side. There was a huge tent
setup covering the staging area which was a welcomed sight for riders trying to escape from the
mid-day heat.

Each day Gold Cup racing was preceded by Strider racing on the well-groomed Strider
track, set next to the starting hill, and it sported an operating starting gate with cadence. There
were 137 action packed Gold Cup Moto’s both days leading up to Sunday’s Podium plating

Stand out rider Jason Linville from the Factory WiaWis race team was the only champion
to receive three of the highly sought after bright yellow Tangent Gold Cup number one plates,
plating in Open, Cruiser and 20” Class. There was a total of xxx Gold Cup champions awarded
number one plates this year at the North East Gold Cup Finals.

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