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Team Rules for 2018

Filed under General on November 09, 2017 | Comment(s)

2018 Team Changes

We've been getting asked about the changes for teams in 2018, and we're excited to announce some of those changes. USA BMX learned a lot from the 2017 team rules and we feel that the new 2018 rule chnges will create even more opportunity - not only team managers, but riders as well. 

The Team Sheets for 2018 will have an entirely different look that we feel will simplify things for team managers in the process of filling out the sheet, as well as scoring the sheet at the end of each race day.  Our team has put a great deal of thought into these changes and we look forward to a great 2018 season.


  • ROC will now be an added score, not a score that can be used to replace a previous score.  Teams will be able to turn in two (2) sheets, but will only be able to use one (1) of the sheets for a score towards their overall year end score.
  • Grands sheets will remain the same as in the past in that a team may turn in two (2) sheets, but only one (1) sheet will be able to be used towards their overall year end score.
  • Grands sheet score will be doubled. 


  • Teams will only be able to use one (1) Elite Male and one (1) Elite Female per sheet.
  • Teams will receive 65 points for places 1-4 (down from 70 points) and 60 points for places 5-8 (down from 65 points).
  • UCI championship category world champion riders (Elite & Jr.) at a UCI event are exempt from team jersey requirements and must wear the UCI jersey. 

Amateur Female 

  • We wanted to find a way to make females more valuable on team sheets.  New for 2018, amateur female riders will be using the Point Table B.  This table is the one we use for A Pro, Vet Pro and Pro Open.  We feel this is a step in the right direction.

Team Sheet Rider Selection

  • A team sheet consist of the following options:
         a)  4 Amateur
         b)  1 Female Amateur
         c)   1 A Pro, Vet Pro or Pro Open
         d)  1 Elite Female
         e)  1 Elite Male

  • A team's best four (4) scores will be used on each team sheet.

CLICK HERE FOR TEAM INFO (Rules, Sheets & Rosters)

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