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2017 USA BMX Great Salt Lake Nationals Race Report

Filed under General on June 10, 2017 | Comment(s)

The west coast has made its annual pilgrimage to Rad Canyon BMX for the 2017 Great Salt Lake Nationals. This facility offers one of the most picturesque backdrops in BMX and it looks like theres a bit more snow on the mountain peaks this year.

The Elite action tonight saw Team USA's 2016 Olympic gold and silver medalists take the top honors in their respective classes and saw a young aussie almost shock the world with his arrival on U.S. soil. We definitely expect more top performances from Connor Fields and Alise Post, as well as young Izaac Kennedy. We'll see what the rest of the weekend brings.

On the Amateur front, one of tonight's highlights was 9X up and comer Ryder Lawrence. Most people won't recognize the name because he's only been expert for a few months but believe us he knows how to ride a bike (google him if you don't believe us). Also having steller performances were Ryenn Capatani in 12 girls and 11-12 girl cruiser, Oliver Jackson in 10x, Zemirah Paulazzo in 9 girls and Jesus Felix in 51-55 Cruiser. Here are a few races for your viewing pleasure.  

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