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Randy Stumpfhauser

Filed under National Champions on April 28, 2012 | Comment(s)

The man known by most as simply "Stumpy" - Randy Stumpfhauser, had quite an illustrious BMX career.  He's won the National No.1 Cruiser title in 1995, and had his moments in the AA-pro spotlight. In 2003 and 2008, he'd won the NBL No.1 Pro titles, but until 2009, he'd yet to be in the hunt for the ABA No.1 Pro chase. 
Riding for GHP (Greg Hill Products) and under the tried and true tutelage of BMX legend Greg Hill, Stumpy finally reached his potential and topped off his best season ever by hoisting the silver cup for No.1 Pro above his head!
This was a might impressive task for Stumpy, as for most of his BMX career, he'd pulled triple-duty - training for professional BMX racing, being a family-man, and going to college to earn his teaching degree.
Having reach his goal in 2009, Stumpy and GHP celebrated by making 2010 his retirement year - where he'd officially call it quits by the start of the next school year, where he'd teach algebra to highschool'ers.
Could he be the raddest teacher in America? We think so.

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