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Dave Clinton

Filed under Hall Of Fame on February 07, 2017 | Comment(s)

Said to be our sports first “superstar,” there are numerous reasons Dave holds that title - including being the very first inductee in to the BMX Hall of Fame. 

In ‘74, Dave Clinton won his division at the Yamaha Gold Cup Finals (held at the LA Colesium), and he would go on to become the first No.1 rider in the NBA (way back in 1975). He rode for the Kawasaki team and took his custom alloy-framed shocker to victory lane practically every time he raced.
He is also credited with doing the very first tabletop - which was captured on film by Windy Osborn for the June 1974 cover of Bicycle Motocross news.

After working for Diamondback/WSI for years, Dave eventually landed at Giant Bicycles, as one their leading salesreps. In 2016, Dave parted ways with Giant and is now working for Raleigh's electric bike division.

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