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2018 UCI WORLDS - Where & When to Watch it

Filed under General on June 04, 2018 | Comment(s)

It's WORLD's WEEK! And Team USA is primed and ready to defend all of the W#1's we earned last year in Rock Hill; and are hoping to bring home a few more.

We know what you are wondering:
When and where can you watch the UCI BMX World Challenge and Championships?

Here are the links and days. 

Cruiser kicks off on LATE MONDAY night here in the US.

12 & Under - Late Tuesday

13 & Over + Masters Late Wednesday

Championship Classes June 8 - 9
Live stream will be available for the finals at and

There is am approx. 12 hour difference between American and Baku, so that means that if you want to watch main events LIVE, you'll need to stay up most of the night or set your alarm for the main events at around Midnight to 2am (depending, of course, on how many motos they have and how quick or slow the races are ran). This time-frame is merely a guesstimate. 
Or - just click on the YouTube links above as soon as you wake up in the morning, and cheer on #TeamUSA in their constant quest for World Domination. 

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