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2018 USA BMX Super Nationals Race Report

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The Super Nationals made a return to Desoto, Texas after a 3 season hiatus and the track is DIALED. The track is now run by former Woman Pro Casey Allen (Haar) and her husband Chris and they have turned the facility back into a north Texas hotspot. –The weekend started off cool and wet but the original covered BMX super facility has been keeping BMXers dry for 20 years now. Texas always has had a good crop of pros that call the lone star state home and this year was no exception. Leading the charge was rookie Billy Russell who practically grew up under the roofed structure. He took the big wins on Saturday and Sunday against some serious competition from all over the globe. Two Aussies who are touring this summer with Throdwn’s Jim Buchanan nearly spoiled the homecoming for Russell. Matt Krasevskis won on Friday night and Hayden Fletcher finished second on Sunday. Also crossing the border and finding his way onto the podium on Saturday and Sunday was Kevin Mireles who hails from Tijuana, Mexico. It was quite the international affair.

Moving onto the amateur side of things, Arizona’s 7 year old world champion Elle Carey nearly pulled off the impossible by tripling on Saturday. She led the 10 & Under Girls Cruiser class several times throughout the weekend but couldn’t out power her fellow Arizonian Hannah Leake. It was an amazing race to watch and we can only imagine what’s going to happen when Elle turns 10.

Another young lady that had a great weekend was Wiawis’ Kennedy Hoffschneider.  This young spitfire doubled in Mixed Open and 6 Girls on Saturday with some amazing comebacks down the last straightaway. She would follow it up on Sunday with another Mixed open win and a third in class.

Doubles must have been in the air as Full Tilt’s Eli Staton dominated the 7 year old expert class and open, never losing a lap.  Bay Area BMXers’ 9 Expert Gaige Gomolicke won 3 out of the 4 main events he entered and did so in a convincing fashion. Gaige has been one of the hottest racers out of Nor Cal in the past few seasons and also dominates on the 24” bike too. Mark our words his time is quickly approaching.

There was a bunch more main event action that we captured on our youtube and Facebook pages which you can check out below. Up next we head back to Bakersfield, California for the Golden State Nationals, which always hosts a great event. We’ll see you there.

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