As you are all aware we regrettably had to cancel the Gold Cup/Provincial Qualifier Race that was scheduled for today.  With the amount of rain that has come down over the last 2 days, it was just not safe to have riders race.  As per discussion with USA/Canada BMX we have been approved to hold the race on Saturady, August 2th and will be held rain or shine.  They ahve assurd me that the points form this race will be added in for the finals as long as the TORF is sent in right away which will be done.

As per further discussion with USA/Canada BMX refunds have been issued and registration re-opened.  We look forward to seeing everyone!  Anyone that did not sta for their refund & wish their money back or are planning to attend August 25th please contact me personally through messenger or email ( so we can make arrangements.  I have all registration forms that have not been refunded in my possession.  

We will also be running the Earned Double that weekend on Sunday, August 26th.  Stay tune for a new race flyer to be posted.

We love hosting such a great group of riders and parents.  We appreciated all of your help & support through this difficult weekend.  It is great to belong to such a loving extended 'family'.  Lastly thank you to all who have put in countless hours volunteering to try and help make this a successful weekend.