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Oak Creek BMX District: CA11


648 Riverside Ave
Roseville, Ca 95678

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 916-784-8BMX
  • Primary Contact: Linda Minton (916-784-8269)

Bruce & Linda Minton have been running bicycle motocross (BMX) tracks since 1983. Oak Creek BMX, in Roseville, is home to the NorCal State Championship Finals. With a meticulously groomed racing surface, Oak Creek BMX provides a phenomenal racetrack to test the skills of ANY rider. From beginners to top-level professionals, Oak Creek BMX is fun for riders of all abilities.

If you are just getting into BMX, we offer special practice times designed for newbies. And, our experienced riders are great about showing the newer kids the ropes. Does your child have a birthday coming up soon? How about a Birthday Party Bash at Oak Creek BMX? Find out more…


1 day trial membership FREE 1 time
1 yr USABMX membership $60
Single Point Race day entry fee (trophies) $10 


1yr USABMX Strider membership $30

Striders race day entry fee (trophies) $5 

Practice day entry fee $5