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    INTERbike Show Las Vegas - Day 2

    It's all about the numbers this year at the annual INTERbike tradeshow. Everywhere we went, the familiar numbers we were hearing were: 31.8 and 1 1/2. Day two of the INTERbike show saw over-sized handlebar and headset sizing become the modern day trend - taking a que from the world of road and mountain bikes.

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    INTERbike Show Las Vegas

    "Hmmmmm... race the national in South Carolina this weekend, race at my local track, hit a State Champ ...or go to the InterBike Tradeshow in 'Vegas?" Decisions, decisions, decisions. But have no fear - we give you permission to go racing! Leave it up to us to attend the annual INTERbike trade show and...

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    BMX College Life at Marian University (Indy)

    Here's a clip from Indianapolis' Marian University - starring BMX athletes/students Bryce Hocking (Intense), Justin Posey (Dan's Comp) and Chase Hines (SE Racing). Being a top-Amateur in BMX got 'em there, and will help get them a degree.

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    Official Bike of the REDLINE CUP Series

    Redline - the official sponsor of the REDLINE CUP Series, has just released this vid of the 2013 Flight Carbon bike. This is the same frame that claimed a silver and bronze medal in the 2012 Olympic games. With the annual INTERbike trade show coming up, stay tuned here for more new product info and news.

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    WESTERN Divisional Champions 2012

    To become a winner of the Western Divisional Final - and receive a custom-made USA BMX Western Champ jersey, riders began came in with their best 6 scores from the national season and then added to it their three finishes from Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The overall points leaders by the end of the weekend were awarded these cool Divisional Final jersies.

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    GRANDS Logo unveiled!

    It's September ... and that means the USA BMX Grands are less than 3 months away! So we thought we'd show you this years' GRANDS logo. In the coming months, you can expect to see this logo appear everywhere - from ads to numberplates, posters and of course - all of the Grands clothing that will be on sale in Tulsa.

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