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    USA CYCLING's Olympic Report: SEMI's & FINALS

    Day three of BMX competition at the BMX Track in London’s Olympic Park began with three semifinal runs to determine the top eight athletes who would compete in a winner-take-all final race. Points equaling a rider’s finishing position were handed out after each run. The four riders with the lowest point totals in each of two heats moved on to the final.

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    INSIDE LOOK: At the Olympic Park / The Olympic Experience

    It's quite an adventure here in London. Everywhere you go is packed with people from all around the World; which is easy to tell by their clothing. It does seem like an over abundance of orange clothing from all of the Dutchies, and of course - there is plenty of British spirit shown with Union Jack face paint and UK-flag clothing that would make Joe Elliott from Def Leppard proud.

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    INSIDE LOOK: 2012 Olympic Riders

    It's been said by some that the Olympic BMX race is one of the easier races one can compete in - figuring that there are only 32 men and 16 women in the show. Making it there is definitely the harder part. We're not sure about that; but just for your knowledge, here are the 48 racers - from 22 country's, who made it to the Big Show in London. Who will YOU be rooting for?

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    INSIDE LOOK: 2012 Olympic Bikes/Frames

    Over the past few weeks, many of the 48 chosen athletes have been posting up pics of their Olympic bikes, gear and helmets. Thanks to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we've been able to collect pics of the machines that have a shot at Medal'ing. Be sure to "LIKE", share or comment on them for your Facebook.

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    INSIDE LOOK: 2012 Olympic Helmets

    Nearly one week away, the Olympic countdown to BMX day is heating up, as most of the 48 chosen athletes have been posting up pics of their Olympic bikes, gear and helmets. Here are a few Lids we've been able to find out there in the World of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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    2012 Divisional Championship Series Finals Aug 31-Sept 2

    2012 Divisional Championship Series Finals August 31-Sept. 2 Black Jack Nationals Reno, NV & Bluegrass Nationals Louisville, KY

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    MusicCity Nationals - Tennessee

    2012 Music City Nationals - Music City BMX in Nashville, TN.

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    Las Vegas Nationals 2012

    2012 Las Vegas Nationals - SouthPoint Hotel/Casino

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    USA BMX Photo Contest

    USA BMX kicks off Photo Contest on Facebook

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    SoCal Nationals

    Chula Vista BMX, Chula Vista, CA - March 30 - April 1, 2012

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    Super Nationals

    Metroplex BMX, Desoto, TX - March 16-18, 2012

  • Photo_2_mxw125_mxha_e0
    Volunteer Nationals

    Great Smoky Mountains Expo - March 2-3, 2012