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Reid Austin

Filed under National Champions on November 30, 2012 | Comment(s)

Up until this year, U.S. Olympian David Herman had been the only racer from the Mile High state to hold a National No.1 title. For this year, the Cruiser title was once again expected to go to one of the many contenders in the larger 41-45 cruiser ranks. Meanwhile, Reid scored the win in 12cruiser, not knowing that he'd take over the lead of national points. 
With four of the eight riders in 41-45 Cruiser up for the No.1 plate (with a win, and ONLY a win), they amazingly exploded in balls of flames, all around the track. Without a win, the National No.1 Cruiser title went to the super-stylish Redman~Rockstar rider.

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