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INSIDE LOOK: 2012 Olympic Helmets

Filed under General on August 02, 2012 | Comment(s)

Nearly one week away, the Olympic countdown to BMX day is heating up, as most of the 48 chosen athletes have been posting up pics of their Olympic bikes, gear and helmets. 
Here are a few Lids we've been able to find out there in the World of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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Image Gallery

  • Buchanam_shelmet_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Magpott_shelmet_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Niclong_shelmet_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Carolineb_s_helmet_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Jorisdaudet_shelmet_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Pottier_shelmet_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Picture_16_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Picture_24_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Quent_shelmet-bckside_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Quentincal_shelmet_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Picture_9_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Connorfields_flyhelmet_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Alisepost-helmet_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Dutch-helmets_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Screen_shot_2012-08-03_at_8
  • Screen_shot_2012-08-05_at_8
  • Screen_shot_2012-08-05_at_8
  • Screen_shot_2012-08-07_at_3