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Steve Veltman

Filed under National Champions on April 27, 2012 | Comment(s)

It had never been done until now - winning both the 20" and 24" titles in BMX; and Texan-born Steve Veltman (riding for Hutch Bicycles) inked his name in the history books with this feat. 
It was the start of a very successful career in BMX for the young 12 year old. As holder of both the boys Amateur titles, on both bikes, Steve was chosen to be on the first Wheaties cereal box - dedicated to BMX racing. Eventually he would be named to the Terrible Ten, and then make the move to the pro ranks - where he'd win a No.1 pro title.  With that said - he is the only racer to ever hold all three No.1 titles in the sport: Amateur, Amateur Cruiser and Pro.   ...a feat that likely will never be matched. 

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