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Diamondback Bicycles

Filed under National Champions on April 27, 2012 | Comment(s)

Put together by TM Sandy Finkelman; owner of the infamous Wheels & Things Bike Shop in San Diego, the Diamondback team was perhaps one of the first monster squads in the sport. Up until now, many factory squads had been more of a mom 'n pop thing. But with millions of dollars in bike sales on the line, factory teams were suddenly thrust in to a more serious position - and Sandy's Diamondback team was dominant all year. 
Lead by pros Harry Leary and older am Eddy King, the black, white and silver of DB quickly became the envy of all BMXers around the country. With big Brent Romero, No.1 Am Jason Wharton and a skinny Pete Loncarevich, they were the ones to beat - and that didn't happen often.

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