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Stu Thomsen

Filed under National Champions on April 27, 2012 | Comment(s)

The Mighty One. Stompin' Stu. The Legend. him whatever you want; but there's no denying that SoCal's Stu Thomsen has left his mark on BMX. Part of what makes Stu such an iconic figure in the sport is that he was the ABA's very first No.1 Pro. As his reward, he recieved a custom, tricked-out Van from the ABA - and on a more personal note, a huge sponsorship offer from Redline bikes.
Many people forget that Stu won this 1979 title while riding for SE Racing; and that the points chase at the time was based more on the money earned throughout the year - than the points awarded on the national circuit.
This was the very beginning of the ABA No.1 Pro title - and it's come a long ways since then.

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