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2018 East Coast Nationals race report

Filed under General on July 01, 2018 | Comment(s)

East Coast (Can/Am) National 

USA T.R.A.C.K. BMX - Trumbull Racing and Cycling Kids and Canada hosted the Seventeenth National 2018 BMX Race in Trumbull, Connecticut.   This was the first National Rich and Liz Parenzan ever hosted, and what an incredible job they did. Having an outstanding staff as well, with Rich Parenza the Track Operator, Matt Summ the Assistant Track Operator, Chris Combos the President, Liz Parenzan the Clerk, and Deb Reale the Treasurer.

The track was in top shape, the vendor’s had ample space as well as the pit areas, and there was more than enough parking.  The weather was perfect all three days, and the temperature was just cool enough for awesome riding.

If you were mislead about the track, sorry,  everyone made it a point in telling me what a great track this is. A lot of the riders, some first timers to this track didn’t know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised. This is a fast, smooth moving track, with a great flowing rhythm section.

Rich and Liz tell me that their track (1,100 ft. in length) is the first track in the northeast to participate in The Dirt Trendz Evolution Program. This means each year two of the straights are flattened and redesigned. This season the first and third straights were redone.  They are also planning many new upgrades, with new lights and buildings.

This track has a wonderful Beginner BMX program with the Meinel’s, Evan Sauer, Alex Kuehn, and Zach Geitek leading the way.

Danica Bailey took a hard spill coming out of the gate but still managed a Grand Slam, way to go Danica! Louis Kaminski had a hard time staying on the track this weekend, with all the traffic out there he still managed to keep smiling .  Cole Zufelt traveled down from Canada for this shared National and also got a Grand Slam.

According to our awesome friend Chris Luna, we had 650 USA riders plus their families, 29 riders from Canada plus their families. This year there were a total of 33 states represented  and 3 countries. The last BMX National held in Trumbull, CT was in 2012. We hope to host future Nationals here in the northeast.

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