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John Piant

Filed under Hall Of Fame on May 01, 2018 | Comment(s)

If you were paying attention in U.S. history class, you might recall that Jesse James was the most infamous Missouri Outlaw. 

         ...but we beg to differ.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, John Piant is known in the BMX World as one of the original “Missouri Outlaws” - and in our own history books, he is the most legendary of them all.

Beginning his BMX career in 1975, John and fellow Outlaw Bob Hunt helped put the “Show Me State” on the BMX map. For the next ten years, Piant would lead the charge, going from hotshoe Amateur racer to one of USA’s fastest double-A Pros. 

He became a two-time Amateur National Champion in the NBL, was an early ABA Gold Cup Champion, and a member of the Anglo-American Cup Championships team - where the U.S. racers beat the socks off of England’s finest. 

From his first pro win in San Antonio, Texas in 1982 to his greatest victory - winning the third round of ESPN BMX series in 1983.  Being that it was held in St. Louis, winning in front of all his home state fans, every Pro knew from then on that you never count out John Piant. 

Following his retirement from BMX, John kept going fast and continued catching air - driving the 14-Hundred horsepower Bigfoot-4 monster truck in demos and competitions all around the country.

Throughout his career, John raced for such legendary brands as DG and Huffy. While he was always a valuable asset to any of his sponsors, Piant was also a huge role model for many of us here tonight. 

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