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2018 Sooner National Race Report

Filed under General on February 14, 2018 | Comment(s)

Tulsa is home to some of the best BMX racing on the planet and last weekend was no exception. The track build crew, led by Billy Allen and Lance Maguire, crafted what some racers touted as the best indoor build that they’ve seen in years. If you didn’t catch the Thursday track walk with National Director Bill Morris, here it is.

Our favorite element of the track was definitely the third straightaway where riders had to work throughout practice to dial in what was going to be fastest for their skill level. There were definitely some races won and lost in this section. The elevation changes were a hit.

The temperatures outside were pleasant on Friday but went down from there as a winter storm swooped through the area. Many racers from warmer parts of the country were caught off guard and went scrambling for warmer clothes. None of that affected the racing, which we have below for you. Each day the action got better as the track packed in and revealed its blue groove. Take a look at the action and let us know who you were cheering for in the comments section below.

Image Gallery

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