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Team of the Year: Yess BMX

Filed under Golden Crank Awards on January 03, 2018 | Comment(s)

Team of the Year: Yess BMX

Yess BMX really stepped things up in 2016, with four major forces scattered all around the Globe. In the U.S., they had a super strong East Coast and West Coast presence - ran by team managers Jerry Bradford in the west and Lisa Motley on the east-side. Then they had their International team, with top-notch riders all over Europe, headed up by UK Olympic superstar Liam Phillips. And of course, there was the incredible Canadian squad, at their homebase of Vancouver - who continued to dominate the BMX Canada series. 

In the final tally, it was a very close race for the win - with Yess taking 13% of the votes, against Supercross' 12%. Also closely in the hunt was Ssquared, Answer-Rennen and Haro~Promax.

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