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No.1 Woman Pro: Alise Post

Filed under National Champions on January 02, 2018 | Comment(s)

No.1 Woman Pro: Alise Post

Making BMX History. It's not the first time she's done it. Minnesota-native Alise Post, wearing the long sought-after Rainbow striped jersey of a World Champion, came to Tulsa with a comfy points lead and was a complete inspiration all weekend. 

Having already held the record for Most No.1 Titles - after her Pro Woman title victory last season, Alise from here on out can only add to her legacy and will keep setting the bar higher and higher with each win and Championship. 

LOSING THE BATTLE, WINNING THE WAR: A crash in the second main on Saturday night's Pro Champ Finals saw the Pro Women points getting more scrambled than eggs in a Waffle House skillet. After an elbow-lock from former World Champ Stefani Hernandez, Alise crashed in the first turn, and took along with her, her good friend Lauren Reynolds. This meant that heading into the third and final main, it was anybody's race to win the overall. 

Entering the third main, we had three gals tied with 9 points (Alise, Brooke and Reynolds), as well as a 3-way tie with 6 points (Canada's Mechielsen, Stancil and Venezuela's Hernandez), while GT's rookie Pro Sophia Foresta was basically tied for the lead with 7 points after the first two rounds. We don't recall there ever being a more tighter, closer race in Women Pro history than this one! 

In the third main, Post grabbed the holeshot and wanted to put an exclamation point on another No.1 title. Out of turn two, she opted for the lefty-lane - the safer route. Surprisingly, Stefani and Brooke hooked it to the right and went for the beach-jump, in an attempt to gain a 5-foot short cut. But it was to no avail, and would cost Stefani a spot on the podium. GT's Sophia Foresta remained consistent enough to hold her narrow grasp on the overall win. Foresta, in her first year of pro racing, wins the Grands ... but Alise won the war, earning her record-making TENTH National Championship

With four No.1 Cups won as an Amateur, and now SIX as a Pro, she is easily the Most Winningest BMXer in ABA/USA BMX history. 

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