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No.1 Girl - Katja Shriver

Filed under National Champions on December 19, 2017 | Comment(s)

No.1 Girl - Katja Shriver

For many, many years now - the three Shriver sisters (Esja, Katja and Richelle) have been a dominant force on the BMX scene. It's always hard to tell any three of them apart, due to their similar look, racing style and consecutive win-streaks. After playing a vital part on the J&R Bikes team - winning them No.1 Bike Shop team titles for a few years, the Shriver's broke out on their own at Team Shriver before finding a home on Team Throdwn for the 2017 season. 

In typical Shriver Sister fashion, Katja and her two siblings wailed at the UCI World Championships during the summer, and kept the usual win-streaks alive leading up to the #GreatestraceonEarth. Winning NAG No.1 titles has been nothing new to any of the Shriver's - but this year would cap off another incredible season like no other. Katja came to Tulsa seeded in the No.2 spot of points. 

Katja came to Tulsa seeded in the No.2 spot of points and with “With a win, and only a win” Katja Shriver would take over points. But it wasn't wrapped up quite yet. There were still two classes (and six riders) who still had a shot at the No.1 plate.
Thanks to Ridenour and Colby getting held off to third in 15-16 girls, and then Claire O’Connor beating half of the potential champs in 17-20 women, Katja’s points lead deflected every bullet that flew their direction, and in the end - it earned the middle Shriver sister her first-ever National No.1 Cup.


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