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No.1 Amateur - Brandon Crain

Filed under National Champions on December 19, 2017 | Comment(s)

No.1 Amateur - Brandon Crain

The chase for No.1 Amateur is always one of the most hotly contested titles to win - and for 2017, it was the Year of the Younger riders - as the expert classes from 9 to 13 years old had the rider-count advantage. Crain had come into the Grands seated in the No.1 spot - and with 76 riders (13 groups worth), the Answer-Rennen rider had his work cut out for him. Crain is no stranger to winning #Grands - as he was ranked No.2 Nationally the prior year and had just fallen a few rider-points short from winning the 2016 title. 

For 2017, The "Birdman" was in total control of his destiny and did not fail in the quest - winning the main, earning another NAG No.1 plate, and finally capturing the No.1 Amateur Cup ... all at 13 years of age. 

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