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2017 Lonestar Nationals Race Report

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Alright, Alright, Alright......

The big red rig has rolled into the live music capital of the world for the second annual Lonestar Nationals and the final oppotunity to qualify for the 2017 UCI World Championships. Friday brought on 109 motos of pure high stakes intenisity. The Elite classes took to the 5 meter hill first and put on quite the show for the Pflugerville crowd. The showdown between Alise Post and Brooke Crain continues to be the highlight of the women's elite class. Both ladies won multiple motos and the set the stage
 for yet another epic main event showdown. The US Olympians loaded up right next to each other in gates 2 and 3. As the gate fell, Post used her slight advantage to drift outside and block Crain all the way to the first turn. This allowed Texas native Shealen Reno to swoop underneath them and move herself up to challenge for second. As the ladies hit turn two, the gap was widening between Alise, Brooke and the rest of the field. Crain pulled up right next to Post through the long third straight rythem but a slight bobble towards the end of the straight scrubbed off some serious speed. Post would survive the headwind on the last straight and capture the victory, Crain held on for two and Felicia Stancil would pass Reno for the final spot on the podium.
The Elite men's class was full of potential winners and everyone looked to be at full throttle in practice. Once racing started Daylight's Corben Sharrah fired off a first moto win but struggled in the second round as he nipped the gate and took a 6th. He would regain his composure and win his third round. Also looking prime was last year's winner Maris Strombergs who is now riding a bare aluminum frame. The current USA BX and UCI Champion Joris Daudet was rocking his new Carbon Chase frame and seems to have acclimated over to the new material just fine. The stage was set for an amazing run to the finishline in the final. 

When the gate slapped down in the main it was all Corben Sharrah and his newly stitched American flag sleeve out front.  Not far behind was the Chase duo of Daudet and Fields.
 As they aproached the mile long last straight (which in dog legged), Joris put the heat on Sharrah and it was a photo finish. Sharrah won by less than4 inches. What a race. 

 We'd like to say congratulations to everyone who has qualified to race what will undoubtably the best world championships held thus far. Please visit for information and to get registed. The last day to register is MAY 12th! Don't miss out!

Saturday saw a bit of precipitation in the wee hours of the morning but practice started as scheduled and after a great rendition of the national anthem but local crooner Angie K we transitioned right into race mode.

A- Pro Was a tale of the rookies and Yess’ fresh recruit Cam Moore looked good all day long. Come main time he would find himself in the pole position in gate numero uno.  Texas local and crowd favorite Alec Bob was lined up in gate two. As the gate dropped those two immediately went to the front of the pack but the real race was behind them for the third spot. Throdwn’s Cole Tesar and Free Agent’s Jordan Miranda both had their eyes set on the podium. Miranda took an impressive line in turn two that would seal the deal on the final step of the podium.

The wind hit gale force speeds as the gate dropped on the Vet Pros. Cristian Becerine seemed to cut through the wind a bit better than the rest and jumped out to the lead. Texas legend Tim Kneip powered into 2nd and another Texas Chris Williams put his standard into 3rd. Chris left a bit too much room on the entrance of turn two and SE’s Javier Colombo made his move to overtake Williams and grab the last spot on the box.

Elite women looked like a carbon copy of the previous day with Alise rocketing to the front of the pack but there was mix up with Alise entering the first turn a little wide. Shealen Reno swooped in down low and pushed everyone else to the top of the turn. This put Haro’s Brooke Crain back in 4th and Mika Shaw in 3rd. Brooke ws able to move up a spot as they entered turn two and had her eyes on Reno in the two spot. Meanwhile New Zealand’s Zoe Fleming was making her way up from the back of the pack. As the ladies hit the final turn for home, Alise was still way out front, Crain had moved into the 2nd spot and the battle was on between Reno and a hard changing Fleming. Zoe would make the pass on the outside of the turn and take home her first podium appearance in the states.

With the addition of Connor Fields and National #1 teammate Joris Daudet joining the carbon revolution, half of the Elite Men’s main event had Carbon frames. The two Chase carbon equipped riders immediately found the front of the pack with the defending gold medalist leading his first main since Rio. Vegas transplant Trent Jones found his way into the 3rd spot and would hold it all the way to the line.

Racer Concept’s Lola Jonjevic kicked off the am racing with a mixed open win and she would make it a double with a win in 8 girls. Crupi’s Ryenn Capitani started her weekend dominance with an 11-12 Mixed Open win and also would win her girls class.

In the expert open ranks we got to see the first matchup between Tangent’s Chris Felker and Haro’s Braxton Miller. Miller would edge out the Nor-Cal bobblehead but it wouldn’t be the last time we’d see them face off.  So-Cal district champ Cash Ferinac pulled off the third.

In 15-16 Open Paul Zentiska overcame some mental blocks with his gate start and handled business. We hear that he’s training under the tutelage of Ohio legend Jeffrey Upshaw these days and that will undoubtedly get this young main into a few more main events in the future.

In the cruiser ranks, Wisconsin’s “Holeshot” Jena Vanholzen added a win to the Factory Thunderbeach team sheet effort.  

Crupi’s Ryenn Capitani had a great weekend with a double-double in open and 12 girls. Also putting in one of her best performances of the year was National #1 Girl Cruiser Jaycie Sinclair. The AllTow sponsored champ was outfront on both of her bikes.

The 9-10 Open class was won both days by “JW6” Joshua White. The Kingman, AZ native didn’t fair as well in 10 Expert though as Throdwn’s Ty Beadle showed everyone else the fastest way around Texas soil.

46-50 Cruiser holeshot artist Eric Sweets decided to keep his lunch for himself on Saturday but gave away his lunch ticket to the National #1 Cruiser Drew Motley on day two. These two characters would also swap wins on the twenty inches.

Daylight Cycles grom Dylan Patterson had a dominant weekend in both 7 & Under Cruiser and in 7 Expert. Good job little man! He looks to be following in the footsteps of another guy from the same city that riders the same bike.

Brian Ensey is back much to the chagrin of the 17-18X class and is riding for Powerlite. This nor-cal hotshot took some time off but it looks like he never left. He will definitely be a contendor for the title come tulsa time if he keeps doubling up wins like he did at the Lonestars.


If you like quirky places, Austin (by way of Pflugerville) definitely will feel like home. This gem of a facility continues to impress every time we have the pleasure of visiting. Now which way to the party at the moon tower.....? 

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