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Gold Cup Finals Northeast - race report

Filed under General on October 01, 2016 | Comment(s)

CHESAPEAKE BMX in Severn, MD - just down the road from the Baltimore airport, is an incredible venue, with an amazing nearly water-proof track (which was a good thing for this weekend, with the clouds set on drizzle-mode).
But a little bit of dampness in the air was not about to dowse the thrill and excitement of earning the coveted yellow background plate of a Gold Cup Champion, ,2 or 3. With the largest turnouts of all previous Gold Cup Finals, this weekend was sure to be action-packed for the regional title chase.

East-coasters are used to these drizzly conditions and you could tell immediately, that they just looked at an occasional mudhole as just another obstacle to overcome.

One of the most impressive things - at least to this guy, was the high turnout in all of the older age groups. Whether it was novices (with full gates in all 40+ age groups), or intermediates (like two groups in 28-35 or 41-45, or THREE groups in 46 plus Inter), or the experts (such as 46 & Over X) - the elder age classes were packed and hungry for that yellow No.1 plate and jacket! 


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