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Jason Carne$

Filed under National Champions on December 16, 2015 | Comment(s)

After struggling with nagging injuries and old age, 6-time No.1 Vet Pro Jason Carne$ had finally reclassified back down to the amateur ranks for 2015. When not racing national events, he was usually found and seen at various BMX tracks around the country doing Flight School clinics for the young, old and new riders. And when not at the tracks or nationals, he could probably be found at the nearest 24 Hour Fitness, getting his “pump” on. If you’ve ever seen his bulging biceps, then you’d know what we’re talking about. For a man his age, he’s remained in pretty good stature - and all of us would like to think that racing BMX has something to do with that “fountain of youth.”

As he drove to Tulsa in a mini-van, only 1 point shy of point leader Jud Ciancio, Carne$ knew that the competition would be tough. The title would obviously come down to either 41-45 cruiser (his class) or Jud’s 46-50 group. Once motos were posted, Jud’s mid-40’s class wound up with more rider-count than the early-40’s ranks. After winning his final, Carne$ could only wait and watch from the finish line podium to see what his fate may be. If Jud won his main, the Hyper racer/employee would take the title. But thanks to Utah’s human-version of a muscle car - Todd Parry, who was making his Kuwahara debut at The Grands, Jud would be pushed back to 2nd place and that meant ...the Cup was all Jason’s.
With a big smile and a fist in the air, Redline’s TM and cool Clinic instructor, would score a 7th Cup for his collection.


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