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Cristian Becerine

Filed under National Champions on December 01, 2015 | Comment(s)

The announcers call him Dr.Holeshot - and they have good reason to: Becerine has one of the best starts in BMX. Always has, and still today in his mid-30's, probably always will. Coming in to Tulsa with a comfy lead, Cristian just had to play it safe and make the main in order to hoist a 2nd No.1 Vet Pro cup above his head.

Once he'd made the final, the No.1 Cup was just frosting on top of the cake; and Becerine was out to win the #GreatestRaceonEarth. His closest comp in points - #DB44, Derek Betcher, wasn't looking his sharpest and wouldn't challenge the Factory Ssquared rider. Instead, it would be Cristian's good friend and fellow Argentinian, Javi Colombo - last year's No.1 Vet Pro champion, who would keep Cristian honest.

With a 1-1-1 in the finals - just like Joris did, Becerine re-captured his 2nd U.S. Championship. By the time he'd left the River Spirit Expo on Saturday night, it'd be a safe bet that he was already plotting on how to hold on to this title in 2016!  

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