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Joris Daudet

Filed under National Champions on December 01, 2015 | Comment(s)


WOW! What a battle it was. Coming into Tulsa, France's Joris Daudet (Chase Bicycles) had the most podiums, seven wins, and was in a 3-way tie in pro points. Joris' teammate, Connor Fields (also with 7 wins) and Redline's Sam Willoughby (8 wins) were the other two in this ultimate 3-way title chase. 

After Connor won the ROC race on Friday (with Sam in 2nd and Joris way back in 4th), the U.S. suddenly had high hopes of seeing an American recapture the silver Cup. Sam looked unusually unbeatable and Joris seemed as if he hadn't brought his A-game. But nobody had any idea of what was about to happen. 

On Saturday, as expected, Sam, Joris and Connor all made it to the big show - and whoever scored the best (aka "taking the win"), would also win the 2015 Pro title. In the first main, it was all Joris, from start to finish. Had he been laying low all weekend, and saving it until it counted? Or did he just step it up into overdrive and find that extra uumph that was needed to  win the USA BMX Championship?Whatever the case may be, Joris went on to pull off three straight wins - going 1-1-1, to become USA BMX's 24th Pro champion.

With this Championship, Joris became the second Frenchman to ever hold the U.S. Pro title (the last time, being Hall of Famer Christophe Leveque, in 1999). Ironically, Leveque is the owner of Chase Bicycles, and is Joris' sponsor.

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