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Maliek Byndloss

Filed under National Champions on December 12, 2013 | Comment(s)

For more than a decade, there's been talk of this ultra fast dude from Florida. Originally, he was the pride and joy of the BL circuit, and for awhile, the only time the ABA'ers got a glimpse of him was during the UCi World Championships. Maliek has been a winning machine since day one - but the one title that eluded him until now was the ABA No.1 Am cup. 
Racing for fellow-Florida-based S-squared, Maliek has been that brand's poster-child, and for 2013 - he had his first real shot at the No.1 Am plate. With an inside lane in 17-18x, Byndloss laid down his incredible power and never looked back. Winning it from wire to wire, the newest No.1 Amateur was crowned.

* Not since David Milham held the title in 1990, has a Floridian been No.1 Amateur.

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