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Mariana Pajon

Filed under National Champions on December 12, 2013 | Comment(s)

The chase for 2013's No.1 Pro Women's title was, without a doubt, the most exciting one EVER, in the history of the sport. All year long, wins were put in by Alise Post, defending Champ Dominique Daniels, and of course - the new Olympic gold medalist from Colombia, Mariana Pajon.  In fact, the Dan's Comp gal wound up winning the last 7 races of the season, to put on a late-year charge for the Championship.
Pajon was 10 years old when she first raced the Grands - and she barely spoke a word of english. But it was one of the things that got her hooked on BMX and helped make her the Gold medalist she is today.
At Grands XXXVI, the first shocker came when defending No.1 Woman Pro Dominique Daniels (sitting No.3 in points), decided to skip The Grands to stay home and celebrate her birthday and Thanksgiving with her family.  This would ultimately lead to the big 2-person showdown, between Mariana and former No.1 Pro girl Alise Post. And in all three mains, it was a tough battle, with either rider grabbing the holeshot and the other going all-out to take over teh lead. In the end, one the dust settled, Pajon wound up with the win and the title, while Post picked herself up off the track knowing that she gave it her all.  

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