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CNY BMX District: NY01


408 Pritchard Ave
Bridgewater, Ny 13313

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 315-822-5896
  • Primary Contact: Nicholas Rauch (315-822-5896)

The CNY BMX track is built on land owned by Town of Bridgewater and is run by a self supporting non-profit organization. All money collected through registration, concession, raffles, etc. is used to keep the track operational and safe. The track is operated by The Central New York BMX Parent's Association, Inc. All parents and riders over 18 are considered members of the association and are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings held on the second Wednesday of every month unless otherwise specified. We discuss scheduling of events, track maintenance, repairs and more. These meetings are open to all parents and riders.  Your input is necessary for the growth of our organization.

Board Members-

Track President: Dave Gelfuso

Track Operator: Nicholas Rauch

Treasurer: Diana Lyman

Clerk: Jessica Nelson

Secretary: VACANT

Voting Member #1: Rob Nelson

Voting Member #2: VACANT